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Childcare Sageguarding and Welfare

Name: Alison Craft Student Number: HL/0016939 Course Title: Child Care Diploma Assignment Number: CPD 4.1 Postcode: BH17 7YR Name: Alison Craft Student Number: HL/0016939 Assignment Number: CPD 4.1 a) What is meant by safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children b) What is meant by child protection c) How do the two fit together d) What is the LSCB, and… Read more →

Childcare Nvq 3

Unit 305…305.1…305.2…305.3 Protect and promote children??™s rights. K3P233 and K3P234 The disability discrimination act 1995 Children??™s act 1989 Disabled persons act 1986 Sex discrimination act 1986 Race relation act 1976 Special education needs and disability act 2001 UN convention on the rights of the child. So whenever our essayists learn something new and beneficial– they let you know about it… Read more →