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1.2 Describe the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of young children and young people. SOCIAL SERVICES: The social workers are employed by the social services department. They work with the families who have an abuse issue or the families act as a dysfunctional so they are their to help them to come out from the conflict.… Read more →

Gm Swot Analysis

Capstone Buss 460JR1 Week 3 Summary Jacqueline Gray This week we worked on a SWOT Analysis for GM. GM SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Name Recognition Corporate Strategy Quality improvements & perception there of Opportunities Cut production overseas, cut some health care costs Concentrating on smaller more efficient cars Expansion of their global presence Weaknesses The decline of market share High pension… Read more →


Todays debate about General Motors is no longer about whether the company should go into bankruptcy but rather who should take the biggest hit in the process, and in what form should GM re-emerge. The “good bank-bad bank” idea is now being recycled as the “Good GM-Bad GM” solution. The idea is to sell stock in Good GM and use… Read more →


2. Child and young person development This core area covers the physical, intellectual, linguistic, social and emotional growth and development of babies, children and young people. It is difficult to determine specific times when developmental changes occur, as these will differ from person to person. What is important is a basic understanding of those changes and how they can affect… Read more →


GMAT preparation 8 rules for GMAT success Billie Winters associate UDC Program INDEX – 8 Rules for GMAT succes 1. The man and the plan 2. Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal 3. The way to read 4. How to correct that sentence 5. Reason critically 6. Guesstimate 7. Don??™t look for the right solution 8. Write simple and clear 9. Reviews of… Read more →


At placement, I was asked to carry out some children??™s observations in reception class in the morning aged between 4-5yrs old to ensure that the children are all progressing with their individual development. The children had done some counting activities last week by using different counting themes using numbers from 1-20 and different shapes, size and colour objects from around… Read more →


B.F SKINNER Skinner called his particular brand of behaviorism “Radical” behaviorism.[15] Radical behaviorism is the philosophy of the science of behavior. It seeks to understand behavior as a function of environmental histories of reinforcing consequences. Such a functional analysis makes it capable of producing technologies of behavior (see Applied Behavior Analysis). Unlike less austere behaviorisms, it does not accept private… Read more →


The controversy between genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their economic, legal, environmental, and ethical pro??™s and con??™s is vast. The basic case here is whether genetically enhanced organisms, particularly agriculturally based life forms, such as pigs, fish, grains and rice are beneficial to the human race, or detrimental. Legal, ethical and scientific concerns arise. One question raised is; is it… Read more →

Gmos Economy

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms whose genetic elements are changed by using gene technology. In our society today GMOs are important in all aspects of this world, including the environment. A subject that is being studied in food production is being able to create pesticides and have a resistance to certain herbicides. These man-maid qualities are convenient in… Read more →


My chosen topic area of care for Lucile is continence, Lucile is a 72 year old women living in a house alone with her daughter in-law as her only carer who lives locally, Lucile??™s health has been deteriorating in last 2 and they receive no help from services such as social care. She has had numerous falls she is a… Read more →