Glorious Revolution

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Global History 9
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The Glorious Revolution of 1688 had a great impact on England??™s history. The Glorious Revolution was when King James II was overthrown by a union of English Parliament. There was much reason why Parliament took Jurassic measures and overthrew their King. The most important reason was that King James II was Catholic while most of England and Parliament at the time were mostly Protestant. William III of Orange led the invasion and took the throne from King James II. There were many changes that took place during and after the Glorious Revolution. During the Glorious Revolution, the main causes of conflict between Parliament and King James II were derived from religion and desire for power. (Learn more: Paperial Reviews about Essay Writing Service)
King James the II took the throne of England in 1685 after
his brother Charles II who served from 1660 until he died in 1685. Many people in the English parliament were trying to stop King James from taking the throne because he was of the Catholic faith, unlike most of parliament and England who were Protestants (Donald E Wikes jr.,Mathew Cramer, the Glorious Revolution of 1688). Many of the people in the English Parliament were worried that James II would promote religious tolerance. When King James first came to power most of parliament was willing to support him because he had no sons and his daughter, who would be the heir to the throne was a protestant and was married to the Protestant William III of Orange(Glorious Revolution Parliament’s support for King James soon changed when he changed some of the laws. Many people thought this meant he was trying to take control of the English Church. Soon after this King James II was now trying to promote religious tolerance. King James was also trying to increase his power has King. When people in the Parliament disagreed with what he was trying to do he had them removed and replaced with people that supported him King James II also put together an army, he made sure he had Catholics in high positions in the army so they could promote religious tolerance(KingjamesII In 1688, most of parliament turned against King James when he had a son and he was baptised catholic. His son was now the heir to the throne and this angers parliament and the people of England because instead of having King Jame??™s daughter who was a Protestant become queen, King James??™s son, the new heir to the throne was a Catholic. This is when Parliament decided it was time they had a new leader(King jamesII Parliament offered the Throne to One of James??™s daughters Mary who was a Protestant and was Married to William III of Orange who was also a protestant. Mary and William III were in line for the throne until James??™s son was born. It was extremely important to William III that the English invite him to invade their country because he wanted people to support him once he got there. The English sent him a letter stating that England welcome William III and they also assured him that the English army would not put up much of a fight because they were not treated well under the rule of King James II(Donald E Wikes jr.,Mathew Cramer, the Glorious Revolution of 1688). William now had to gather an army and obtain the financial support necessary for the invasion. Much of the Dutch army was need to protect their homeland so William had to hire soldiers from Germany to fight for him. Even though the English leaders told William he wouldn??™t have much of a fight when he arrived, he was still very cautious and was not going to take any chances (Donald E Wikes jr.,Mathew Cramer, the Glorious Revolution of 1688).

King James came from Scottland and he ruled both Scotland and England. King James and Parliment had many conflicts about how King James could not change taxes without parliament approval

In 1688, James has a son and he is baptized catholic. His son is now the heir to the throne and this angers parliament and the people of England(King jamesII
James, who became king in 1685, was widely disliked because of his pro-Catholic policies and his attempts to increase the power of the Crown. Many people in England tolerated him because he would be succeeded by his Protestant daughter Mary, who had married Prince William of Orange, a cautious man and one of the biggest defenders of Protestantism in Europe. When James wife unexpectedly gave birth to a son.( Glorious Revolution
James wanted Civic equality for the Roman Catholic Religion and the Protestant Religion. Parliment was angry because it looked like he was favoring Roman Catholic. (King James II
king James was trying to rule parliament and he was also trying to make England Roman Catholic when most of England were protestants( KingjamesII